About Those Guyz

Who are “Those Guyz”?

Chris and Ron both grew up in a small farm community native to Lafayette/West Lafayette Indiana. Raised with a good work ethic, coupled with everyday “horse sense”, Chris and Ron know the meaning of communication, diligence and hard work.

They have known each other and have been close friends for 35 years. They decided to merge their talents to form a business that would be enjoyable for them while helping others at the same time.

That’s how “Those Guyz” was born.

“Those Guyz” was established in 2014 when Chris and Ron sat down one morning brain storming business ideas together. They both had a past of helping family members and friends with unfinished projects. The diversity of their skillsets range from carpentry work to organizing to welding. Separately, they could accomplish some tasks, however, as a combined force, they both agreed more services could be offered. After conversing for several days regarding their areas of expertise, they decided to form a handyman business called “Those Guyz”. In their minds, the model business would be one built on honesty and integrity. The whole idea was to offer an affordable service for people that do not have time, do not have the skill set or knowledge or just plain do not want to do it.

I today’s fast-paced world, people often find themselves spending the majority of their time working and enjoying time with friends and loved ones, which is of major importance. However, certain “honey do” lists and everyday tasks and projects are neglected. This can be very frustrating.

Now there is an answer! See our Lafayette, IN handyman services.